What is the catch with honey?

No, there’s not a catch with Honey. Honey doesn’t make money by selling your personal data to advertisers. Instead, Honey earns a small commission from retailers whenever you make a purchase.

Does honey take your data?

Honey tracks your private shopping behavior, collects data like your order history and items saved, and can read or change any of your data on any website you visit. And though Honey does collect data, it’s data used for its own service, like which recent coupon codes worked on what sites.

Is Honey legit and safe?

Honey is a legitimate company based in downtown Los Angeles. The founder, Ryan Hudson, thought of the idea for Honey when he was ordering a pizza for his kids and was prompted to enter a coupon code during checkout.

How much money does Honey save you?

Currently, the Honey app works with more than 30,000 merchants, and it promises an average discount of 17.92 percent. Users score an average annual savings of $126, and since this app is free, there’s no investment required.

Do you have to be 18 to use honey?

We created Honey for the exclusive use of adults (18 and older). We don’t knowingly collect or solicit personal information from children. If you are a child under 18, please do not attempt to use or register for Honey’s products or send any personal information to us.

Is Honey by PayPal safe?

The acquisition by PayPal is the largest the company has ever done. Honey was started in 2012 and gets a commission from every sale. Honey said its extension “is not — and has never been — a security risk and is safe to use.”

What is honey via PayPal?

PayPal’s Honey app is a popular deal-finding tool designed to help shoppers track prices, save money and earn rewards on online purchases. At a glance, signing up seems like a no brainer: It costs nothing to use, can be installed in just a few clicks and, according to Honey, has saved its users over $1 billion to date.

Does Honey Gold cost money?

We’re always working on both to try to help you save even more time and money. Between the app and extension, you’ll have more chances to save when you shop. Honey Gold is our free rewards program that lets you earn Gold on your eligible purchases using Honey.

What is the downside of honey?

Honey’s bacterial spores can cause infant botulism, a rare but potentially life-threatening disease. The spores that cause botulism in infants are harmless in older children and adults. Symptoms of infant botulism include: constipation.

In which countries does honey work?

Honey currently supports shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and more. We’re rolling out support for additional international sites now! How do you know if Honey is available on your favorite shopping sites? First, add the free Honey extension to your browser.

What is honey smart droplist?

Droplist is Honey’s price tracking tool. Droplist monitors the price of items you choose. There’s no limit to the number of items you can Droplist. We’ll automatically send you an email if we detect that the store drops the price of your Droplisted item based on the amount you selected.

Is honey a paid service?

Honey does not charge fees to you for its Service. We try and locate the best publicly available discounts and coupons, track product pricing, and negotiate exclusive offers that may be better than other publicly available deals. We make money to sustain the Service when you purchase or engage with these offers.

Is honey free forever?

The best thing of all is that Honey is completely free forever. Just click away and save! Have you managed to find any valuable coupons with Honey?

Is Honey owned by Amazon?

Honey co-founders Ryan Hudson and George Ruan. Amazon has a beef with the start-up PayPal recently acquired, Honey. During the height of the holiday shopping season, the e-commerce giant warned some users that the browser extension could be a “security issue.”

Who just bought honey?

6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PayPal Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL) announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Honey Science Corporation for approximately $4 billion in cash.

Is shopping with Honey safe?

It’s safe to use, and it’s also free. Honey does collect your data as you’re browsing online stores, but only so it can properly alert you to coupons and deals depending on which webpage you’re currently browsing. Honey says they never sell your personal information.

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