What is the fastest way to get cookies on hotel hideaway?

Ways to get cookies You can get cookies from: Collecting your Daily Rewards = 3 cookies. Random chance from Loot Boxes = random amount.

What level do you have to be to twerk on hotel hideaway?

• Targeted feisty gestures Targeted feisty gestures unlock when a player reaches level 9 and most also require the two participants to have a friendship tier of 3 or higher.

How do you get a rift in hotel hideaway?

Find a rift in the Hotel. Tap on it. If your friend(s) wants to join in, they can by pressing the icon that appears above your head until it disappears. If you want to join your friends’ rift, you can press the icon above their head.

How do I give cookies to a hideaway hotel?

If you want to give someone cookies, just open their profile and tap on the hand underneath the cookie jar in the bottom right hand corner. You can also give a room cookies – once you are in the room, just open the room’s description, and then tap on the hand underneath the cookie jar.

How do you get the secret stickers in hotel hideaway?

Go to Fusion Kitchen’s Secret Room, the Wine Cellar. Drink from the wine container for at least 2 minutes. When you get up, you will receive this sticker.

Where are the secret rooms in hotel hideaway?

Secret Rooms Arcade – Behind the speakers in the top right of the Beach. Grand Library – The book laying behind a shelf in the Arcade. Wine Cellar – 3 people must put their hands on engravings on the Fusion Kitchen walls at the same time. Hallway – Take the door from either Relaxarium, Fusion Kitchen or Sunset Street.

How do you get the Yolo sticker in hotel hideaway?

How to Get This Sticker. Put on Herman’s comb-over hair and do the Gangnam Style gesture while using the OMG sticker multiple times until you are temporarily muted.

How do you sell clothes at hotel hideaway?

Simply tap the item you wish to sell and a tag will appear at the bottom of the box that tells you how much it will sell for.

How do I turn on notifications for hotel hideaway?

The turn on notification button only appears if you have chosen to not receive notifications. Tapping this button will prompt a screen that will ask you for permission to enable notifications. If you chose to enable notifications then they will be considered on for this device.

How do you get an angry Herman sticker?

For mad herman. you have to spam the emotions mad and sad until he goes away. Then you get the sticker.

Is there a secret room in Sunset Street in hotel hideaway?

There is a secret room (a club) which can be accessed through a door on sunset street. The code to get into the basement door is 4889. Guests need to be level 50 to enter.

How do you change the color of the text on hotel hideaway?

Then type whatever you would like to say! If you would like to write in any shade of colour you would like, you can visit this site, Choose the colour you would like, and use the HEX code like this: then type what you would like to say.

What is hotel hideaway Rank 3?

Private message one of your offline friends who is rank 3 or higher. Make sure the friend you’re messaging is offline and at least a tier 3. Send a message in a public room. Send any message in any public room.

Who is Herman in hotel hideaway?

Herman is the Janitor that works at the Hotel. He is a very attractive and grumpy member of the staff, and will appear angry more often than not. When he isn’t slacking, he can be found running around the lobby and complaining.

How do you become a hotel hideaway staff?

To become an Ambassador, staff look for users who are kind, helpful and active within the game. It is also a requirement that you must have at least one year of experience playing Hotel Hideaway. As with the level requirements, this doesn’t matter as higher levels just mean you’ve spent more money.

How do I cancel my hotel hideaway account?

If you have created a Service account, you can delete your account at any time by using the “Delete Account” option in your profile or by submitting a deletion request. To submit this request, contact our support team at Hideaway Support or our Data Protection Officer.

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