What is the highest paid lifeguard?

Fernando Boiteux — who served as an acting chief lifeguard — earned the most, notching $391,971 for the year. His base salary was $205,619.

How much does a beach lifeguard make in Myrtle Beach?

The average salary for a lifeguard is $12.11 per hour in Myrtle Beach, SC. 23 salaries reported, updated at December 3, 2021.

How much do Newport Beach lifeguards get paid?

Average City of Newport Beach, CA Lifeguard hourly pay in Newport Beach is approximately $13.98, which is 15% above the national average.

Why are lifeguards paid so much?

It sounds like the biggest reason these Los Angeles lifeguards make so much cash is because of overtime. The report states that 31 lifeguards in Los Angeles made between $50,000 and $131,493 in overtime over the course of the year.

Who pays for lifeguards on beaches?

Do you receive funding towards the lifeguard service you provide? We receive a small amount from the appropriate local authorities and beach owners which helps to meet the cost of lifeguard wages, but the majority of funding for our lifeguard service is from voluntary contributions.

Is Baywatch a real job?

Los Angeles County Lifeguards is a division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The Los Angeles County Lifeguard Service served as the model for the hit television series Baywatch which was created by recurrent lifeguard Gregory J. Bonann.

Do lifeguards have ranks?

The title of seasonal lifeguards will stay the same; lifeguard captains will be known as battalion chiefs and lifeguard lieutenants as lifeguard captains. …

Do lifeguards carry badges?

State lifeguards wear a badge and full uniform as part of their evening and nighttime patrols, state officials said. During the day, they said, lifeguards remain in uniform but wear swimsuits underneath so they can strip down for rescues.

Are lifeguards in demand?

As the weather warms up and COVID-19 restrictions ease up, swimming pools across the country are re-opening but finding enough lifeguards for them is turning out to be tough. Demand is now higher than ever, but the pool of applicants just isn’t there. …

How much do Orange County lifeguards make?

More than half the city’s full-time lifeguards are paid a salary of over $100,000 and all but one of them collect more than $100,000 in total compensation including benefits. When thinking about career options with high salaries, lifeguarding is probably not one of the first jobs to come to mind.

How long is a lifeguard course?

This course is available in traditional, in-person course format (25 hours, 20 minutes) and the Blended Learning course format (19.5 hours in person, 7.5 hours online). The pre-requisites for this course include being 15 years of age and having passed the pre-course swimming skills test.

How much does a lifeguard at the Olympics make?

How much does a Lifeguard make at The Olympic Club in California? Average The Olympic Club Lifeguard hourly pay in California is approximately $19.56, which is 60% above the national average.

What do RNLI lifeguards do?

RNLI lifeguards patrol over 240 beaches in the UK and the Channel Islands. They are qualified in lifesaving and casualty care, highly trained and strong and fit – able to swim 200m in under 3½ minutes and run 200m on sand in under 40 seconds.

What does a beach lifeguard do?

Lifeguards monitor pools, beaches, water parks and other aquatic areas to maintain safety at all times. They are trained in water safety and are called on to rescue swimmers who are hurt, sick or distressed. A lifeguard might also have the following duties: Keep the pool, beach or other areas clean and free of debris.

How much do RNLI beach lifeguards get paid?

You’ll earn a salary as an RNLI lifeguard which, depending on your role, can range from £9.90 to £11.86* per hour.

Are lifeguards police?

Cadets and lifeguards may perform cliff rescues and underwater diving. Lifeguards and Rangers are trained peace officers and perform a wide variety of law enforcement activities. six months of experience as a lifeguard at facilities other than swimming pools.

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