What made Jurgis think he might not get rich in America?

The scoundrel that tricked them into giving them a great amount of money. The workers that Jurgis worked with in Lithuania tried to kill him and they thought it would be better in America because they thought they would be free and make a bunch of money.

How much did Jurgis make in the jungle?

Now, before you go thinking that a dollar fifty was a huge fortune in 1906, even then, it would’ve been worth about $34.00 (source). This means that Jurgis is getting paid about $3.40 per hour during this 10-hour work day – almost three dollars per hour less than current New York minimum wage.

What does Jurgis do with the large sum of money he earns Why?

What does Jurgis do with the large sum of money he earns? why? No, because he did what he could and what he felt was best. Where does Jurgis go for the winter?

How much does Jurgis get paid for his first job?

Jurgis begins his job of sweeping the entrails of slaughtered cattle through trap doors. Despite the stench, he is filled with optimism because he earns a little over two dollars for twelve hours of labor.

Who gets the money for Ona’s funeral?

Teta Elzbieta comes home. She has gotten the money for Ona’s mass. Teta Elzbieta sits next to Jurgis and pleads with him. She begs Jurgis to pull himself together, get a job, and help the family.

How did Jurgis describe the government in the United States?

At the union, Jurgis’s friends explain what has happened. They tell him that the United States is a democracy, with political parties. The two main political parties are so committed to beating each other that they cheat in elections all the time. One way that they do this is by buying votes for their candidates.

Why can’t Jurgis father find work?

Antanas Rudkus is Jurgis’s father. He is incredibly eager to work, but he is elderly and not very strong. Antanas becomes the first casualty to the family’s new American life. He has a great deal of trouble finding a job because there is so much competition for work.

What ultimately happened to Jurgis?

Jurgis eventually returns to Chicago once winter comes and there is no more farm work. He gets thrown into jail a second time for assault, this time on a bartender who stole money from him. Jurgis has given up all hope of a better life. He becomes a criminal once he is released from jail.

How does Jurgis change throughout the jungle?

He starts out as innocent and trusting, but gradually grows wise to the ways of the world. Jurgis’ transformation is gradual, mirroring his gradual acceptance of socialism. Before Jurgis is able to exploit the system, the system must exploit him.

What was Jurgis job in the factory?

Jurgis, finally recovered, tries to find work, but, after three months of being sedentary, he has lost some of his strength, causing all the factories to deny him work. Eventually he gets a job at a fertilizer plant—the worst possible job, because the chemicals used there kill most workers after a few years.

How did Jurgis hurt himself at work Chapter 21?

That Jurgis did not starve to death was due solely to the pittance the children brought him. Juozapas had only one leg, having been run over by a wagon when a little child, but he had got himself a broomstick, which he put under his arm for a crutch.

Why does Jurgis return to Chicago?

Jurgis returns to Chicago in the fall because the cold weather is upon him. He finds a job digging underground tunnels for railway freight. The purpose of the tunnels is to break the power of the teamster’s union, though Jurgis remains unaware of this goal for a year.

Why does Jurgis sleep at the mill?

Jurgis manages to get a job moving the cooling steel rails from where they are poured to where they will be cut into shape. He has to rent a place to sleep in a nearby lodging house to save on commute money, even though it means he gets out of the habit of seeing his family. Jurgis sees several industrial accidents.

What big decision does Jurgis?

The family is lured by the flyer’s claim that paying rent is a waste of money, and they desire a house of their own. Although the house they see is not exactly what they expected, the agent soon convinces them of its merits, and a lengthy debate ensues. Eventually, Jurgis makes the decision to buy it.

What part does Jurgis like about his job?

When Jurgis begins work in the factory, he generally enjoys his job and does not mind even the “speeding-up” that the bosses demand. When he shares his feelings with the other workers, he finds that most of them feel the exact opposite and, as the narrator explains here, he seems shocked.

What happened to Jonas the jungle?

Jonas. Teta Elzbieta’s brother, who first encourages the family to travel to America. After months of poverty in Packingtown, Jonas disappears, and the family never hears from him again. His absence deprives the family of a key wage earner and throws them into a greater financial crisis.

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