What percent is considered substantial?

“Substantial” transmission is 50 to 100 cases per 100,000, or a positivity rate between 8% and 10%, and “high” transmission is 100 or more cases per 100,000 people or a positivity rate of 10% or higher.

What is the legal definition of substantial?

Of real worth and importance; of considerable value; valuable. Belonging to substance; actually existing; real; not seeming or imaginary; not illusive; solid; true; veritable.

What is an example of substantial?

The definition of substantial is something that is real, considerable or strong. An example of substantial is one person eating three regular-sized burritos in one sitting.


What does substantially the same mean?

2 adv If you say that something is substantially correct or unchanged, you mean that it is mostly correct or mostly unchanged.

What constitutes substantial performance in law?

Substantial performance is a contract law doctrine that allows parties to be paid under a contract and to retain the benefit of a contract even if they technically failed to comply with the precise terms of the agreement. In this scenario, substantial performance is not good enough to satisfy the terms of an agreement.

What constitutes substantial evidence?

Substantial evidence means that degree of relevant evidence which a reasonable person, considering the record as a whole, might accept as adequate to support a conclusion, even though other reasonable persons might disagree. This is a lower standard of proof than preponderance of the evidence.

What does it mean of substantial?

1a : consisting of or relating to substance. b : not imaginary or illusory : real, true. c : important, essential. 2 : ample to satisfy and nourish : full a substantial meal. 3a : possessed of means : well-to-do.

What is a sentence with substantial in it?

“His family has a substantial amount of money.” “There were substantial changes made to the company.” “He has a substantial collection of fine wines.” “He made substantial contributions to charity.”

What is a substantial increase?

Substantial increase means “important or significant in a large amount, extent, or degree,” and not resulting in insignificant or small benefit to the public health and safety, common defense and security, or the environment, regardless of costs.

What does significant amount mean?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] A significant amount or effect is large enough to be important or affect a situation to a noticeable degree.

What does substantially in the form mean?

The effect of the qualification ‘substantially in the form’ is that a party might impose small modifications of a rather immaterial nature on the other party, requiring that such other party should not unreasonably reject such modifications.

What does same mean in legal terms?

The word “same” does not always mean “identical,” not different or other. It frequently means of the kind or species, not the specific thing. Crapo v.

What is meant by substantial damages?

Substantial damages are awarded as a means to compensate a plaintiff where they have suffered an actual loss. Substantial damages can be either general or special. General damages are more difficult to quantify as they cover damages for pain, suffering or loss of expectation of life.

What is an example of substantial performance?

Some examples of substantial performance include the following: A contract wherein one party must supply 100 pumps but only 95 were delivered. The property being purchased was supposed to be 50 acres, but was only 48 acres.

What percentage is substantial performance?

Substantial performance within a building contract requires that the structure needs to be able to be used for its original purpose. Since the building was only 30 percent complete, this structure could not have been a viable house, and the substantial performance doctrine would not apply.

Which of the following is required to prove substantial performance?

In order to prove substantial performance, courts have used two main standards: Whether the promisor was actually satisfied by the work; or. Whether a reasonable person would be satisfied under similar conditions.


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