What percentage does Ketto take?

To put it simply, Ketto makes money from platform fee, which varies depending on the fundraising plans and a fixed 3% transaction fee which remains the same irrespective of the fundraising plan.

Who runs Ketto?

Varun Sheth (born June 23, 1987), an Indian businessman, is the founder and the CEO of Ketto, a crowd-funding platform that helps campaigns and projects raise money through donations.

How does ImpactGuru make money?

ImpactGuru – Business and Revenue Model It charges an average of 8% of total funds raised as to its fees with 5% directly being net revenue. It charges additional fixed fees for premium services such as digital marketing, video, content support. ImpactGuru offers various packages that one can opt for fundraising.

Is Crowdfunding illegal in India?

The answer is, “Yes!”, Online Crowdfunding and Online Fundraising is legal in India. Ketto provides a Safe, Reliable & Simplified method of Raising Funds Online through its Online Crowdfunding Platform.

Is Ketto an NGO?

Ketto is a social network or NGO/social enterprises in India, serving as a platform for companies to raise funds, recruit volunteers, and build partnerships domestically and internationally.

How does milaap make money?

Milaap charges NO platform fees on donations. We have a 0% platform fee. We rely on the generosity of our users to power the platform.

How do I contact Ketto?

or phone call (91 9930088522) any time through your crowdfunding (a.k.a. online fundraising) journey.

Is Ketto registered?

KETTO ONLINE VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private incorporated on 12-12-2012. It is classified as a Non-govt company and is registered at RoC-Mumbai.

Is Ketto donation tax deductible?

The funds raised on Ketto can be withdrawn after deduction of Ketto fees, PG fees and GST. The amount received after this deduction could be applicable for tax in India. At Ketto we do not provide tax advice and consider it best you confirm with your tax consultant about the same.

Does Ketto accept foreign donations?

Conversation. Hi, as per new guidelines from the Reserve bank of India, only Indian nationals are allowed to donate to the campaigns. The campaigner has to seek permission from RBI to receive foreign donations. Thanks.

Is ImpactGuru real?

Impact Guru is a donation based crowdfunding platform that offers global crowdfunding solutions for NGOs, social enterprises, startups and individuals. It was launched by Maneka Gandhi, Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development, Government of India in September 2015.

Is ImpactGuru trustworthy?

Yes, all the cases are genuine! We do verify them. Making sure that our crowdfunding platform is safe for both campaigners and donors, is of incredible importance to us.

Are there any negative aspects to crowdfunding?

Six disadvantages of crowdfunding: if you haven’t protected your business idea with a patent or copyright, someone may see it on a crowdfunding site and steal your concept. getting the rewards or returns wrong can mean giving away too much of the business to investors.

Who regulates crowdfunding?

Regulated Crowdfunding All written communications relating to that crowdfunding investment must be electronically delivered. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates, which investors and issuers can participate and how portal operators should conduct business and adhere to reporting requirements.

Is crowdfunding taxable in India?

“Crowdfunding organisations are registered under the Income Tax Act as a charitable trust. And when people contribute to such organisations, they are eligible for income tax deductions under section 80G, which is typically 50 percent of the contributions.

Is crowdfunding free money?

The short answer is no. There are not free fundraising websites. Despite the fees, crowdfunding is still an extremely cost-effective option for fundraising.

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