What was the name of the organization Rameck and the boys Founded in college?

They decide to form an organisation called “Ujima” that reaches out to kids in the community. Rameck, George and Sampson take the chance to become rap stars and form a group “A.R.T”.

How did Rameck describe the first semester at Seton Hall?

Why did Rameck want to be a rapper? How did Rameck describe his first semester at Seton Hall? He said the first week was hard, but it will be alright if you stick with it. How did George plan to get back on track after he didn’t place with Sam and Rameck?

What was the name of the high school that Sam ended up attending?

Truman High is a school Sam and Dean Winchester Briefly attended. At Truman High, Dean was in Grade 12, and Sam in Grade 9.

Why did Rameck go to jail?

Why did Rameck go to jail? Rameck went to jail because he stabbed a man when his friends and him beat up a guy for doing drugs behind a dumpster when they told him not to. A knife that he used to stab a man.

Why did Sam George and Rameck attend the summer program?

Why did Sam, George, and Rameck have to go to school six weeks earlier than the rest of their classmates. The summer program help the students learn ahead of other students, and to get into college easily. Sam and Rameck made money by getting different jobs throughout the school year, and the summer.

What other incident happened before the end of freshman year almost had rameck kicked out of school?

What other incident happened before the end of freshman year almost had Rameck kicked out of school? He stole college sweatshirt from the bookstore.

Did Dean Winchester finish high school?

In the flashbacks of “After School Special”, Sam was a freshman and Dean was a senior in the high school. So why did Dean forgo finishing his senior year and get his GED instead? Given the apparent timeline, he was already halfway through finishing his senior year in “After School Special”.

Why did Sam Winchester go to college?

At nineteen, after a heated argument with John, Sam matriculated into Stanford University, thus finally splintering from his family and their hunting crusade, until the main story events unfolded in Season 1, pulling him back into a role of saving people.

What does Carla say is necessary to a doctor’s success?

What does Carla say is necessary to a doctor’s success? Discipline – “Discipline won’t kill you. Carelessness will.”

What happens to the $150 Rameck’s grandmother gives him?

What happens to the $150 Rameck’s grandmother gives him? Rameck gave it to his mom to use for the electricity bill, but she actually uses it for drug money.

Where is George Jenkins now?

Today, Dr. Jenkins proudly serves as Associate Dean for Access Equity and Inclusion. He is also Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry, in the Section of Growth and Development at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

Where does Dr Rameck Hunt Work?

Rameck Hunt is a board-certified internist and medical director at St. Peter’s University Hospital’s How Lane Adult Family Health Center.

How did Sam cope with the pressure?

How did Sam cope with the pressure? Sam tried to stay focused. He watched Dr. Hsu go through such trouble to help inspired him and, he remembered what Carla Dickson told them, “that the future of Access Med was linked to their success.

How would you describe Ramecks parents?

Answers 2. Rameck’s parents were both heroine addicts and spent time in jail. His mother, regardless of her faults, made sure he did well in school. His father evoked his respect and provided guidance.

Why does Rameck want to go back to public school?

Why does Rameck want to go back to public school? Because he was in the gifted program and he got in much more trouble in catholic school. She did not want to because Rameck’s mother would find the money and use it for drugs and not the family.

In what way are the three friends different at the end of the story?

In what way are the three friends different at the end of the story? They no longer care about their dreams and goals. They are much more hopeful about their futures. They no longer have specific ideas about their futures.

How much did Jared make from Supernatural?

Salary: To date Jared has starred in more than 300 episodes of the show. His salary is $125,000 per episode which works out to around $2.5 million season.

Did Sam go to Stanford?

Sam has always been the more independent-minded and fundamentally straight-laced of the Winchesters. Objecting to the hunter’s life, he sought an alternative path, earning a scholarship to Stanford. Although he admitted to rarely participating in frat parties, it’s been established that he did have a life at Stanford.

What is Sam and Dean’s real names?

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have played the iconic Dean and Sam Winchester in Supernatural since 2005, but during 15 years of television, a few other actors have gotten also crack at the roles.

Why did Rameck and his friends beat up the crackhead?

5- What school did Rameck’s “boys” go to? 5- Why did Rameck and his friends beat up the crackhead? Answ.- They gave him crack and asked him not to smoke it near them but he did so they beat him up. Chp.

Why is Sampson having doubts about becoming a doctor?

What are the sources of Sampson’s doubts about becoming a doctor? Him remembering when he messed up in the operating room and he is doubting himself because of that. How does George adjust to dental school? He loves it a lot but it is different not being with his friends every day.

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