Where did the phrase Take the Money and Run Come From?

The literal origin of the phrase comes from horse racing. To want a run for your money is to want a horse that you have placed a bet on to participate in the race. Sometimes a horse is withdrawn from a race after bettors have already placed money on it; those bettors did not get a run for their money.

Where did the expression Take the Money and Run Come From?

This mid-twentieth-century saying was used as the title of Woody Allen’s hilarious 1968 film about a compulsive thief. The original allusion is lost, but other than referring to theft, it might well allude to one’s winnings at gambling.

What does give him a run for his money mean?

: to make it difficult for (someone) to win a game or contest by trying hard and playing or performing well Though they lost, they gave last year’s champions a run for their money.


What is the meaning of take money?

take (some amount of money) for (something) To accept some amount of money for the purchase of something.

Will give you a run for your money?

If you say that someone could give someone else a run for their money, you mean you think they are almost as good as the other person.

Where was take the money and run filmed?

Filmed in San Francisco and San Quentin State Prison, Take the Money and Run received Golden Laurel nominations for Male Comedy Performance (Woody Allen) and Male New Face (Woody Allen), and a Writers Guild of America Award nomination for Best Comedy Written Directly for the Screen (Woody Allen, Mickey Rose).

What does throw a spanner in the works mean?

Definition of put/throw a spanner in the works : to cause something to not go as planned We were ready to start the project when the bank threw a spanner in the works by denying the loan.

What is the meaning of keep me on my toes?

: to cause someone to be alert and prepared to deal with problems The boss made regular inspections in order to keep employees on their toes.

What is the meaning of have the upper hand?

Definition of the upper hand : the position of having power or being in control in a particular situation He always has to have the upper hand.

What is the meaning of Mani?

Mani or Maney (Persian: مانی) is a common proper name in the Middle East and South Asia. In Persian, Mani (مانی) means “eternity”, “thinker”, and “thoughtful”. It is most common in Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, and India.

Where Your Mouth Is Meaning?

: to give or spend money or take some action in order to do or support something that one has been talking about It’s time for the mayor to put his money where his mouth is and increase funding for schools.

What is the meaning of in the red?

Definition of in the red : spending and owing more money than is being earned Apparently the company had been in the red for some time before it went out of business.

What is the meaning of rift in the lute?

A small problem or flaw in something that jeopardizes the whole. I hope this bit of rust isn’t a rift in the lute and doesn’t end up damaging the whole paint job.

What is the meaning of wheel spanner?

A lug wrench is the name for a type of socket wrench used to loosen and tighten lug nuts on automobile wheels. Other names are four way wheel wrench, spanner, brace or cross.

Where did the term goose egg come from?

In the US (American English) this is a late 19th century, slang term for zero score in a sporting event or game. A goose egg is the failure of a team to score any points or goals. The phrase is derived from the shape of a goose egg looking like a zero.

What does it mean to say in tow?

: to pull (another boat or ship) that is attached by a rope or cable —often used figuratively to mean under another’s guidance The tourists were taken in tow by a friendly guide.

What does it mean to be quick on your feet?

React quickly, be mentally agile, as in Reporters bombarded him with difficult questions, but Bill was very good at thinking on his feet. This expression uses on one’s feet in the sense of “wide awake, alertly.” [ First half of 1900s]

What does throw up your hands mean?

Indicate or express utter hopelessness. For example, Jim was getting nowhere so he threw up his hands and abandoned the argument. This idiom alludes to a traditional gesture for giving up.

What does it mean to be in full swing?

: at the highest level of activity Work on the project is in full swing. The party was in full swing by the time we arrived.

What does overly submissive mean?

showing an excessively deferential manner. meek, spiritless. evidencing little spirit or courage; overly submissive or compliant. cringing, groveling, grovelling, wormlike, wormy. totally submissive.

Who Popularised the quantity of money?

The quantity theory was developed by Simon Newcomb, Alfred de Foville, Irving Fisher, and Ludwig von Mises, although the latter believed demand for money was also a significant factor, in the late 19th and early 20th century.


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