Where is the key in my candy love?

Find the key to the teachers’ lounge and go back and see Nathaniel. /! You can find the key once the two previous objectives have been validated! Wait until the principal leaves the hall then go into the teachers’ lounge.

What does a crush do in my candy love?

If you have 100 affinity with one or more of the guys, then whichever guy is listed first will be the guy you get at the end of an episode. For example, if both Armin and Castiel have 100 affinity, Castiel will be the guy you’ll date at the end of the episode. The Crush feature allows the player to circumvent this.

How many episodes are there in my candy love?

Love Life ran from 2020 to 2021, ending with a total of 16 episodes. In addition to the main game, there are several events that take place throughout the year. Each event lasts anywhere from one day to a whole month, and includes several exclusive rewards, usually clothing and illustrations.


What happened to Lysander my candy love?

Lysander lived with Rosalya and Leigh until he moved to the farm. Lysander is still writing and apparently “rediscovered” the country.

What episode of My Candy Love does Ken come back?

He comes back at the end of Episode 12, looking completely different to his old self. It is revealed in Episode 13 that he is the one who kissed Amber.


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