Who is DERP SSundee in real life?

First video Ian Marcus Stapleton (born: December 2, 1987 (1987-12-02) [age 34]), better known online as SSundee, is an American YouTube gamer. He currently has more than nineteen million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

What is sigils real name?

Andrew Givler (Born: April 8, 1989 (1989-04-08) [age 32]) better known online as Sigils is an American gaming YouTuber.

How old is Henwy?

Henry Martin (born: January 2, 2001 (2001-01-02) [age 21]), better known online as Henwy, is a English gaming YouTuber.

What is JeromeASF real name?

The 10-episode animated show is based on the Bacca character created by JeromeASF (real name: Jerome Aceti), who has 3.8 million YouTube subscribers for his videos revolving around “Minecraft.”

Is the YouTuber crainer dead?

No, Crainer is not dead. There is no official news regarding his death. The YouTuber shared he tested positive for COVID on his social media. Also, the YouTuber was active on his social media platforms which imply that the rumors might be false for now.

Why did SSundee and Lancey split?

Leaving SSundee (2014) It is likely due to their friendship breaking up and hence they have been falling apart. In 2020, Lancey told he has no fight with the “Unnamed YouTuber” (presumably SSundee) and they left recording because they had wrong information at the time.

What is Slogomans real name?

Joshua Robert Temple (born: May 16, 1997 (1997-05-16) [age 24]), better known online as Slogo (formerly Slogoman), is an English YouTuber known for his gaming videos.

What is Digitalnex real name?

Chris Nex is an American YouTuber who reacts to strange videos like my strange addiction, mukbangs, weird obsessions, etc.

Why is Mrbeast so rich?

Known as “Youtube’s biggest philanthropist,” Mr Beast – whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson – began his donations when he started getting sponsorships from companies, such as Quid. He started giving money away to whoever he could: the homeless, Twitch streamers, family, friends, and followers.

When did PewDiePie explode?

15, 2013, PewDiePie overtook comedy duo Smosh as the most-subscribed-to channel in YouTube history. (Smosh held the title for 216 days.) He has more than tripled his subscriber base in the two years since, and the industry has exploded around him.

How much is MxR worth?

MxR makes a huge sum of money from his career as a YouTuber. His net worth is estimated to be $676,000. He is said to earn between $1.7 k and $27.6k per month and between $20.7k and $331.2k per year. Henry Liang also earns a good sum from merchandise and sponsorship deals from different companies such as G2A.

How old is MxR mods?

Henry Liang (born: July 5, 1994 (1994-07-05) [age 27]), better known online as MxR Mods (or MMOxReview) is an American YouTuber, mod reviewer, vlogger, and gamer.

Who is dropsy JeromeASF?

Celeste (born: June 14, 2000 (2000-06-14) [age 21]), better known online as dropsy, is an American YouTuber best known for her gaming content, often centered around Minecraft.

Is JeromeASF color blind?

On Jerome’s Twitter, he has admitted to being red-green colorblind. He said on one of the most recent tests, he got 3 of 8 colors right. Jerome refers frequently to his colorblindness in videos.

Is Ssundee a veteran?

Ian Marcus Stapleton, known online as SSundee, is a 33 year old American YouTuber born on December 2, 1987. He was a member of the former-TeamCrafted and a former US Airman. He Has 19.9 Million Subscribers and 10.74 billion views.

How tall is the YouTuber crainer?

He is about 5 feet 10 inches in height and his body weight is around 73 kg. He has short and stylish brown color hair and also has blistering green color beautiful and mesmerizing eyes.

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