Who is the shortest dude perfect member?

Meet Cody Jones. “The Tall Guy” Standing at 6’6″, Cody is the jokester of the group. He has a lovable personality and can talk himself into any situation…but not necessarily out of it.

What age is just Jordan 33?

Born on 01 May 2002, JustJordan33’s age is 19 years as of 2021. She was born and raised in a well-settled Christian family from Florida, United States.

How many battles has Cory won?

Cory has won the iPhone Game Battle, the Endless Ducker Battle, the Extreme Weather Golf Battle, the Build a Boat Battle, the Model Rocket 2 Battle, the Nerf Fortnite Blasters Battle, and the All Sports Baseball Battle. 7 Battles in total.

Is Dude Perfect Kid friendly?

Why we love it: There are so many positives about Dude Perfect it’s hard to know where to start. The hosts are great examples of good sportsmanship, friendship, and creativity. Their language is age appropriate (but cool) and the skits and challenges they create are harmless (but fun).

Is Dude Perfect doing a 2022 tour?

Dude Perfect announces their “That’s Happy” Summer 2022 Tour with a date at Van Andel Arena on July 21, 2022 at 7:00PM. The YouTube sensations – Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert and twins Coby and Cory Cotton – will bring their engaging and action-packed show to 24 cities in 2022.

What is Cory cottons full name?

Born July 17, 1987, Cory Cotton was born William Cory Cotton, according to the Dude Perfect Fandom site. This is also the case for his twin brother, Coby, who was born John Coby Cotton.

Why is Garrett a purple Hoser?

Garrett Hilbert’s nickname came from the second battle Some believe it was because he was often sunburned, while others thought he had some connection with Canada. Unfortunately for Garrett, none of his physical features stuck with him, so he stuck with the one he was given, The Purple Hoser.

Does Dude Perfect make money?

Dude Perfect has a net worth of roughly $80 million, and that includes an estimated annual income between $12 and $15 million. Their YouTube channel posts roughly one video a week, and that video usually gets several million views within a week of being posted.

How much is 1m views on YouTube?

How Much Money does 1 Million YouTube Views Make? The average amount YouTubers make per 1 million views usually falls between $2,000 and $4,000. However, the pay rate varies dramatically depending on engagement, type of content, and other revenue streams. Additionally, it takes hard work to get to 1 million views.

Who got diamond play button?

As a reward, YouTube has awarded with diamond play button. Tamil Nadu-based Village Cooking Channel on YouTube created history by becoming the first channel from South India to reach 10 million subscriptions, winning a diamond play button from the social media giant.

Who is Taylor Swift best friend?

Abigail Anderson, who’s notably been Taylor Swift’s best friend since high school, shared her excitement over her recent engagement.

What does pound it noggin mean?

Product Description. Pound It Noggin’ See Ya – Pound It Dude. Colorful text design of Pound It, Noggin’ See Ya, which is a funny slang saying with sport stunt fans. tee is ideal for lounging, playing sports and makes a ideal present for the birthday dude, the birthday boy or girl or a boys present in general.

How many tries does it take Dude Perfect to make a shot?

Dude Perfect made a shot from the upper deck at Kyle Field, but these guys take it to a new level by making a shot from an ascending amusement park ride. It took 25 tries and the ball was shot from a height of 130 feet.

Is Dude Perfect Canadian?

Dude Perfect (DP) is an American sports and comedy group headquartered in Frisco, Texas. The group consists of twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, all of whom are former college roommates at Texas A&M University.

Does Dude Perfect give tours?

Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and twins Coby and Cory Cotton – announced The Dude Perfect 2020 Tour. The YouTube sensations hit the road for their first ever live tour this year, completely selling out all 20 of their arena dates this summer.

Who are JustJordan33’s parents?

Family, Boyfriend & Relationships JustJordan33’s father’s name is Mr. Audrey who is a businessman by profession and her mother’s name is Mrs. Audrey who is a housewife. She also has three siblings, her sister’s name is AllAroundAudrey and her brother’s names are Jake Audrey and Ty Audrey.

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