Who took the allotment money in EastEnders?

Willy Roper is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Michael Tudor Barnes. The character appears on-screen in episodes originally broadcast between 1 June 1995 and 20 June 1996.

What did Stacey steal from Ruby?

Throughout the episode, the soap flashed to Stacey making major purchases in her friend’s name, including a ruby necklace in a jewellery store. “I always found rubies a bit tacky,” she quipped.

Why is Ruby giving Jean Money in EastEnders?

Approaching Ruby about the situation, Martin learns from his wife that Jean has terminal cancer and that Ruby is giving Jean all of their money. In the aftermath of this discovery, Ruby is keen to have sex with Martin as she is ovulating and keen to get pregnant.


What happened between Stacey and Ruby in EastEnders?

Ruby Allen made a confession over Stacey Slater’s imprisonment in EastEnders. Thursday’s (August 12) episode continued on from Ruby offering Jean money, as guilt continued to consume her over sending Jean’s daughter Stacey to prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

Who killed Pauline Fowler?

She was a tough cookie, who had everything in life thrown at her, and survived itwith the exception of a run-in with a frying pan and spurned second husband Joe Macer. Poor Pauline died of a brain haemorrhage in the snow on Christmas Day – not in the bosom of her loving family, but out in the cold, alone.

Is Bill Treacher related to Arthur Treacher?

Treacher is an English surname; notable Treachers include: Arthur Treacher (1894–1975), English actor. Bill Treacher (born 1930), English actor. George Treacher ( c.

Are Stacey and Ruby related in EastEnders?

When Ruby returns to Walford, Charlie Slater (Derek Martin) allows her to move in. Ruby later discovers that Jake had murdered Danny, and she is furious with him. Ruby then begins a relationship with Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky), Stacey’s brother, unaware that he is a womaniser who is only dating her for her money.

What did Ruby do to Stacey?

Ruby – who is played by actress Louisa Lytton in the ITV soap – suffered a miscarriage back in February but kept it secret. The businesswoman then accused love rival Stacey of pushing her down the stairs and causing her miscarriage – and got her arrested and sentenced to a year in prison.

What is Ruby’s Secret in EastEnders?

While getting over the surgery, Ruby forgot about Martin’s (James Bye) birthday and was wracked with guilt. At one point, she tearfully tells Martin she doesn’t think she deserves to be a mother because of her actions.

Who pushed Ruby in EastEnders?

As fans know, Ruby framed Jean’s daughter and Martin’s ex-wife Stacey Slater ( Lacey Turner ) for pushing Ruby down the club stairs and causing her past miscarriage.

Was Ruby ever pregnant in EastEnders?

Ruby was forced to come clean about everything but surprisingly, she managed to get Martin back on side and he urged her to tell the police everything. However, things took a shocking turn when Ruby revealed she’s pregnant, and Martin (after the previous pregnancy lies) didn’t believe her.

Did Arthur Fowler steal money?

He adored his three children Mark, Michelle and Martin, even going to prison after stealing the Christmas Club money to pay for Michelle’s wedding. So, an unlikely jailbird and an improbable adulterer, Arthur spent many dark afternoons in his allotment shed.

What happened to the Fowler family in EastEnders?

Pete Beale, meanwhile, had made his final appearance in May 1993 and news of his death in a car crash reached Albert Square seven months later. Arthur Fowler, his brother-in-law, died suddenly in May 1996. Pete and Pauline’s mother Lou died of natural causes in the summer of 1988.

What happened to Pauline and Arthur Fowler?

In a nod to the past, Pauline was attacked by new husband Joe who hit her across the head with a frying pan, later causing the haemorrhage. Pauline had hit Arthur over the head with a frying pan in a now iconic EastEnders scene over a decade earlier.

How old is Bill from EastEnders?

In EastEnders, Billy Mitchell is actually 61-years-old, but the actor who plays him – Perry Fenwick – is 58-years-old. Billy is the son of Steven and Janet Mitchell, the brother of Charlie Mitchell, the ex-husband of Little Mo Slater and Honey Mitchell.

Who plays Arthur Jr in EastEnders?

Child actor Hunter Bell has appeared as Arthur Fowler Jr in EastEnders since 2016, taking over the role regularly since the character had been played by various child actors.

Did Stacy push Ruby?

Stacey was left rotting in prison after friend-turned-nemesis Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) falsely accused her of pushing her down the stairs, an incident that saw her lose her baby. In fact, Ruby simply fell but Stacey was convicted.

Why did Stacey leave in EastEnders?

Having left in 2019 to give birth to her first child, Lacey returned to filming in 2020 with baby number two on the way. This meant writers had to think carefully about how Stacey could be at the centre of the drama for a limited time but also have a way to come back in the future.

Who killed Paul Trueman?

Paul considers escaping, but realises his family would be in danger if he does – so he says a tearful goodbye to Patrick and the family. A taxi then arrives for Paul, whose driver is actually a hitman sent by Andy to kill Paul for his betrayal.

Did Stacy push Ruby down the stairs?

Jean, no doubt like the viewers at home, was rendered speechless. Ruby, as viewers will know, lied to the police, claiming that Stacey had pushed her down the stairs, causing her to have a miscarriage. In reality, she had simply tripped amid a showdown with her former best mate.

What happened to Stacey and Martin?

Their relationship came to an end after Martin cheated on Stacey with Ruby and later on with his ex-spouse Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy). Stacey also had a moment of infidelity herself as she cheated on Martin with Max Branning (Jake Wood).


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